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South India Film Institute(SIFI) was initiated in the year 1994 in the motto of delivering proper and complete knowledge about Cine and Tele media. SIFI is the only private institute, ISO certified and government registered.. We maintain a strategic educational and technical knowledge with the students in the upcoming technologies.

SIFI avails complete and detailed courses for Direction, Screenplay, Acting, Camera, Editing (FCP) and Digital Film Making, in one month, three months, six months and also through correspondence classes.

On recognizing the distinguished service and contribution towards Media education, the Principal of SIFI, Mr.Manotech Mohan has been awarded with the Honorary Doctorate in Media education by The International Tamil University, USA.

SIFI has also been conducting camping classes and workshops in various Districts of Tamilnadu, on strong demand and suggestion from the students. We have been training students from all over the world who come from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, London, Sri Lanka etc. especially to learn the media courses offered by SIFI.

SIFI has its own unique and promising syllabus, with which we are able to produce eminent and successful technicians, who have been proving their talents in various departments of the cinema field. Our faculty members include well experienced technicians and artists from the Media field. SIFI provides its own course materials and books which is formulated with international standards.

In the recent years, SIFI students have made us proud by marking their position in various National / International short film competitions  and feature films. SIFI is best known for its dynamic and strategic syllabus with immense practical classes, which induces any student to bring out his/her true talents with aspiring and innovative ideas.

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